If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

IoT based real-time monitoring technology


Internet of Things

Remote meter reading sensors monitor the actual readings from your energy and water meters.

Cloud Network

Secure Transmission

Secure transmission of meter data via Blockchain technology.

Data is immutable.

Network sheild

Real-Time Data

Data is available immediately, not weekly or monthly, for reporting and analytics

Real-Time Automated monitoring - Why?

Using just monthly (43,800 minute interval) energy and water billing information to try to effectively monitor and manage your Energy use and GHG emissions is an antiquated strategy and does not provide the essential granularity needed for a successful Energy/Carbon Management program.

In comparison, digitization and real time data (15-60 minute interval) can help identify load management or Time Of Day electrical opportunities, solar power requirements, actual savings from energy management projects, water leaks, trends, anomalies, theft or utilized for energy and carbon awareness programs, etc.

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E3P's Secret Sauce?

Remote Meter Reading meets Blockchain. E3’s digital platform is designed to take advantage of remote meter reading and Blockchain technologies to provide real time data that is secure, accurate, immutable and transparent. This data is then used in our Energy and GHG Management Dashboard program to provide data visualization, trends, alarms, etc on your PC, IPad or Mobile device.


IoT based sensors

Standards based, secure, non-intrusive, easy-to-install sensors


Secure, Immutable, auditable data transmission

Real-Time Data

Data is made available immediately, and securely