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If you can't measure it, you can't improve it

Monitoring, Reporting, Analytics

E3’s digital platform (patent pending) is designed to take advantage of remote meter reading and Blockchain technologies to provide real time data that is secure, accurate, immutable, transparent, and easy to audit

This data is then used to automatically create the necessary internal, environmental and financial Climate Change reports for clients, providing customers with a cost effective solution to meet their reporting requirements.

1st Step


Real-Time Monitoring

Secure IoT sensors monitor various power, fuel and water meters at your facility.

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2nd Step


Report Generation

Existing Systems often rely on monthly energy and water billing information to help manage their energy use and GHG emissions. We use real time meter data (15 to 60 minute intervals) to provide a more detailed picture and insights to help you to better manage your site and portfolio.

Our cost effective reporting system is fully automated, transparent and easily auditable by staff or third parties.

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3rd Step


Analytics and Benchmarking

Accelerate your decision making capabilities.  The sooner you have real-time actionable data, the sooner you can focus on your business and make decisions based on fact.

Monthly energy and water billing data provides limited insight to trends and opportunities. However, combining real time data with data analytics provides our clients with the ability to identify and quantify actionable opportunities.

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