About E3 Provenance

Who we are

We are Digitally Transforming the way companies monitor and report Energy and GHG.

E3 Provenance is Digitally Transforming the Energy and Greenhouse Gas monitoring and reporting process through the use of IoT Sensors, Machine learning, analytics, and Blockchain technologies to provide SECURE and ACTIONABLE DATA for businesses to fulfill their reporting obligations and to meet GHG reduction targets. (Patent Pending)

Our Mission

To be the standard digital platform used by companies and cities to support Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics of Carbon and Environmental Emissions.

What's in a name?
E3: Energy, Environment, and Economics
Provenance: The lineage of data in terms of ownership, certification, time, type, and location.

What We Do

We provide "one immutable truth" on energy, water, and climate change data

E3 Provenance provides a real-time monitoring with easy to install IoT sensors, with a secure method of transmitting this immutable data through Blockchain, and automated reporting to meet the content requirements of such environmental and financial agencies as the CDP and TCFD.

E3 Provenance also provides companies with the information they need to make better business decisions on energy and carbon footprint management based on real-time meter data.

Our Team